Flash photography workshops – Toronto

This post is a follow up to two workshop dedicated to on-camera flash photography. I would like to thank all students for who attended the meetup workshops 3 & 4 of Toronto Photography Workshops and Lessons group last week and yesterday.  Also I would like to thank our model Olga for doing a great job posing for a group yesterday!

These two shots from yesterday were taken just before the sunset, at 400ISO, 1/160 : f2.8, no flash. 

This shot was taken with on-camera flash, in TTL mode with -3.0 compensation at ISO 400, 1/15 : f2.8.

In both classes we have discussed and practiced the following:

  • How to test batteries in your flash
  • How to compensate flash in TTL mode
  • Ideal aperture for portrait photography
  • Effect of the shutter speed on the model and the background
  • White balance
  • Main aspects of working with the model
  • Nose : cheek bone ratio in portraits
  • Ideal angles for shooting a portrait

Once again thank you all for being such a great group! I’m really looking forward to meeting you all soon in our next meetup photography workshops.